The Radicle Lab is one of the largest social entrepreneurship incubators/accelerators supporting teenage entrepreneurs.

We believe the ideas of teenagers are among the most underutilized resources in the world. Imagine what a difference we can make if we can transform ideas of teenagers into real social impact. The Radicle Lab strives to do just that.

Teenagers have great ideas, but too often they don’t know how to move from zero to one, or to move their projects to the next step. Most educational institutions don’t provide such resources. The Radicle Lab seeks to change the narrative of social entrepreneurship by empowering young social entrepreneurs to remediate social issues they are concerned about.

We do this through three structured programs that unleash teenager social entrepreneurs’ critical thinking skills and connect them with resources to transform ideas to real social impact. We also provide a range of pro bono services depending on specific needs of young social entrepreneurs.

Our Philosophy:

All plants begins as radicles, then they grow, bloom, and flourish. Similarly, all positive changes begin from ideas, and the Radicle Lab wants to foster those ideas from birth to fruition.

Empowering Changes

What we provide

Mentorship program

Connect with mentors in specialized fields to get support on social entrepreneurship ventures. Mentors in more than 20 areas of expertise are now on call.

Inter-school network 

Work and collaborate with students who share similar passions through our growing inter-school network that now reaches out to more than 3000 future game-changers.


Publicize your social entrepreneurship projects on our online platforms; present your projects & receive feedback from experts& peers at our local conferences.

We are now accepting private donations. Support our cause by donating to the Radicle Lab !

Together we realize endless possibilities.